Accident on Lake Ola Drive

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FHP report summary

Last night neighborhood residents discovered a truck parked on a vacant lot with the lights on. The driver was unresponsive and 911 was called. The truck was attached to a fence post that it apparently dragged to the location. The driver was transported to the hospital. No word on his condition.


8 Ways to Make a Not-So-Good-Day Better

1. Use the phrase, “I’ll wait for you,” or “We have time.” Such offerings only cost a few minutes but have the potential to bring instant peace to any situation.

2. Accept one invitation that will make someone else happier:
Yes, you can throw a penny in the fountain.
Yes, we can read one more book.
Yes, you can push the button.
Then notice the joy that YES brings; that joy is yours for the taking.

3. Decline one request that will make you happier:
No, that doesn’t work for me right now.
I wish I could, but I can’t.
It’s no for today, but please ask me another time.
Feel the relief that NO brings. Commend yourself for guarding your time and energy.

4. When a loved one is struggling or you are in conflict with each another, ask: “How can I help?” This question acknowledges his or her struggle while keeping defensiveness, judgment, and accusation out of the equation. It puts you on the same team.

5. Be a Silver-Lining Spotter. In the midst of a challenging moment, find the bright side:
Well, at least we didn’t miss the whole thing.
Well, it could be raining too.
Well, at least we had a few minutes to talk while we waited for the doctor.

Added bonus: This teaches your loved ones to be Silver-Lining Spotters too.

6. If feeling overwhelmed by the tasks ahead of you, remind yourself that you do not have to them all at once, just one. Just start with one.

7. When critical thoughts become critical words that hurt loved ones or yourself, silence them with the phrase: “Only love today.” Constant criticism creates a toxic environment where no one wants to be. Love creates a home that people want to come back to—even when they are grown.

8. Remind yourself of this significant (but often unappreciated) fact: Someone is counting on me to be here and I am. I am here.
If that is all you do today, that is worthy of celebration.

8. Remind yourself of this significant (but often unappreciated) fact: Someone is counting on me to be here and I am. I am here.
If that is all you do today, that is worthy of celebration.

© Rachel Macy Stafford 2015

A Little Common Courtesy, Please

While it’s legal for homeowners on the lake to fish, it’s not legal to bowfish in a populated area. Earlier today a group of 3 men and a women were, as they said, “Shooting gar” along lakefront homeowners’ shores. There are specific rules for fishing for gar. I’m pretty sure that “shooting” them when people live in an area less than 100 feet away is downright rude if not outright illegal.

Tangerine or Mount Dora?

I remember years ago there was a condo project located in Seminole County that was located so close to Winter Park that the developer advertised “Move here and have a Winter Park address.” I wondered if unsuspecting people paid a premium to have a “Winter Park address.” Of course they didn’t live in Winter Park but they DID get a Winter Park zip code.

You see, zip codes are loosely tied to geographical areas.  An address’ ZIP code and the “city” name written on the same line do not necessarily mean that address is within that city. It only means that the post office services an area via a route that is part of the “city” route.

Maybe it’s ridiculous on my part but it gets my hackles up a little when people say they live in Mount Dora when they really live in Tangerine. Yes, they have a Mount Dora address if they get mail delivery to their physical address.* But they still live in Tangerine. Is is possible that someone can live here and not know they live in Tangerine? Or is it they want the cachet of Mount Dora and are embarrassed to admit they live here?

I don’t suppose we’ll ever know…

*Many long-time Tangerine residents pick up their mail at the Tangerine Post Office and don’t have a mailbox outside their home. Newer residents are more likely to put up a curbside mailbox. To get curbside delivery, the town is “Mount Dora” and the ZIP code is 32757. If mail is picked up at the Tangerine Post Office the town is “Tangerine” and the zip code is 32777.

The only drawback of getting mail at the post office is that, without a curbside box, the mail truck driver won’t deliver even a package addressed to the physical address to the door. Instead they sent it back as undeliverable. #%@! Good luck with creditors that insist on mailing the physical address…

See also “Tangerine or Mount Dora?”

Lafoe Moved to Lake County

Thomas Lafoe was moved to Lake County Correctional Institution today. I’m not sure why. Perhaps he’s trying to get probation?

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Attempted Break-in on Lake Ola Home 3/17/15

Someone broke a window and tried to enter a house during the late afternoon hours March 17, 2015.  Although the home owner returend and apparently scared the potential intruder(s) off, the screen was cut and removed and the double pane glass window was broken.

The house had a light on and appeared to be occupied at the time. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office investigated and a garage door opener not belonging to the residents was discovered. It is unknown if it is connected to the attempted break-in.

Please use care when coming and going and secure all windows and doors. If someone really wants in they will find a way. It’s our job to make it so difficult they give up.

More Bear Sightings

There have been several bear sightings of a big mama bear and two cubs. The cubs have been seen alone and the mama has been seen with one of them. Please put your trash out in the morning instead of evenings. If the bears get used to eating trash they are on their way to becoming accustomed to humans. Remember a fed bear is a dead bear.